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LT-8s Fuel and Ignition ECU

The LT8s is a fuel and ignition ecu. It has four ignition driver outputs and four injector outputs.


* 4 Peak and Hold injector drivers capable of 2 low impedance or 4 high impedance injectors each
* Tuneable in Map, TPS, or a combination of both modes
* 16x16 fuel map to 20psi boost and 9000 rpm
* Optional 28psi or 45psi MAP sensor
* Overall mixture trim
* 16 coolant temperature correction map sites
* 16 air temperature correction map sites
* Acceleration enrichment and cold run correction of acceleration mixture
* Battery voltage correction
* 16 cranking enrichment map sites
* After start mixture correction
* Multipoint Sequential, Group, and Staged injection modes
* RPM Limit up to 15900rpm
* Boost Limit
* 16 ignition RPM map sites
* 16 ignition MAP map sites
* 16 ignition vs water temperature map sites
* 16 ignition vs air temperature map sites
* Ignition advance/retard during accelerator pump activation
* Ignition dwell adjustment on accelerator pump activation
* Overall ignition trim
* Ignition timing split map for rotaries
* Auxilliary input control of fuel, ignition advance, and rpm limit
* Auxilliary Output switched by RPM, MAP, or Water Temperature
* Diagnostic LED's
* Diagnostic error reporting
* Self test mode for testing injector and auxilliary outputs
* Tuning by Laptop PC or Handset
* Datalogging to Laptop PC
* Optional internal ECU Datalogging
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